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How to Choose the Right Reform School for a Troubled Teen

For one reason or another, some teens manage to lose their way and go on a downward spiral. It starts off with petty theft, but this could easily progress to other things such as drugs and alcohol abuse. Before they hit rock bottom, it is advisable for parents to get them help by sending them to reform school.

The very first reform schools in the country reportedly emerged during the 19th century. Although often heralded as “youth prison,” today, reform schools are more like therapeutic communities where teenagers can address their issues in a healthier way. Oftentimes, a teen’s drug use or other behavioral problems are manifestations of a deeply rooted problem. Sending your troubled teen to a reform school can potentially be a life altering experience, but how exactly do you know if you are sending him to the right program?

One of the first things you should consider when it comes to reform schools is the location. It is important that you send your teen to an entirely new environment which would be more conducive to recovery. It won’t be effective if the location is just across the fence of your home where they can easily score some drugs from neighborhood dealers.

Another way for you to find out how effective a program is is to ask for references. You could talk to parents who sent their children in the same school for troubled youth and ask about the process and how they felt about it. If you wish, you could even interview graduates of the program to have a firsthand account. Keep in mind though that some people are more receptive and every person’s process is different. If your child is not doing well in the first few weeks, it does not necessarily mean that the program is not effective.

Parents should also look closely at the staff, see how many in-house therapists are available, and check if the school is equipped with medical facilities in case of emergency. Good schools for troubled youth have extension programs which are similar to support groups. Check if they have one and support your child through them to avoid relapse.

Recovery is a continuous process, but you have to start from point A before you could get to point B. Choosing the right school for troubled youth lets teens live healthy and happy lives without necessarily turning to drugs or alcohol. If you are interested to learn more about reform schools, you could check out

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