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Five years ago, Neymar scored

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Five years ago, Neymar scored this Puskas-winning goal for the ages

Five years ago yesterday, Neymar scored an absolutely mouthwatering goal for Santos in Brazil — a goal that would legitimately be enshrined in history. This goal, scored by a 19-year-old Neymar, won him the 2011 Puskas Award.

Simply unbelievable.

Neymar collects the ball in the attacking third against Flamengo in the Brazil’s Serie A, and the rest is magic. He splits two defenders. He blows by another with a one-two pass with Borges. And then, with his piece de resistance, he rolls by Ronaldo Angelim on the edge of the box with a bit of skill that is simply jaw-dropping.

Watch that last part again. It’s the soccer equivalent of being posterized.

While running to his right, Neymar rolls the ball across his body with his right foot, somehow flicks it around Angelim with his left, and blows by him on the right. The sheer wizardry of it all left Angelim in the frozen foods section.

The Puskas Award is given to what is adjudged to be the most aesthetically significant goal of the year. If you can’t see the beauty in what Neymar did five years ago to deserve it, I don’t know what to tell you.

Prior to his transfer 2013 transfer to Barcelona, Neymar was one of the most sought-after attacking talents in the entire world. With skills like that, it’s zero surprise he had everyone’s attention.

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